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Mindshark Marketing Launches Inbound Marketing Services For B2c And B2b Businesses And Positions Company As An Inbound Marketing Agency

Image Caption Buyers are taking more control of the buying process and doing their own research and comparisons in their own time. This means there is less interaction with sales teams. vente a domicile Many times decisions are made before the prospect even speaks to a sales rep. In order to leverage this trend, companies must have powerful content which resonates with their audience.This requires having many marketing elements in play at the same time, all specifically tailored for the target audience. Most small and medium businesses are not equipped to handle such multifaceted marketing in house. As such it becomes critical to work with an experienced Inbound Marketing Agency to develop a proper strategy and then put it into action. Mindshark has broad experience in helping B2C and B2B firms implement effective Inbound Marketing. To receive a free custom strategy consultation, get in touch with Mindshark today here or call 877-674-2751. About Mindshark Marketing Mindshark Marketing is a leading Inbound Marketing Agency assisting thousands of companies to maximize their marketing campaigns through the use of digital strategies. The agency is Rated #1 SEO Company in North America, and holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Pour la version originale de l'article, voir http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-mindshark-marketing-launches-inbound-marketing-services-b2c-b2b-/2013/08/31/7379298.htm

Suicide hoax was a morbid marketing campaign to promote Ariana Grande album

Police say pop star Ariana Grande likely had no idea about the bizarre, morbid suicide promotion. Toronto police have determined that a series of tweets allegedly from a young girl threatening to kill herself was a hoax intending to promote a new album by pop star Ariana Grande, the Toronto Star reported . Police spokesman Scott Mills said it isnt clear who was behind the macarbe promotion, but Grande likely isnt even aware it was going on. The account @ButerasCandiess posed as a down-and-out super-fan of the 20-year-old singer who was set on committing suicide by overdosing on prescription pills. The sad story prompted dozens of other Arianators to follow the account and tweet their support for the apparent troubled youth. This is a huge waste of our 911 dispatchers, our intelligence people, and our communications resources, said Mills, who spent two days this week getting to the bottom of the sick stunt. 3 minutes... don't forget to tell ariana about me & trend #RIPbuterascandiess don't forget that i love you mm (@ButerasCandiess) August 28, 2013 A Toronto nurse, Anne Marie Batten, told Mills about the account and the girls purported plight messages like Ill take pills and Ill kill myself. Mills immediately saw it as a red flag and police began investigating. It wasnt long before officials started to have serious questions about the validity of the account, though. Twitter divulged that the tweeter was coming from a location in Greece when police asked, but it became clear that the IP address was a fake in an effort to hide the users actual location. The account was likely based in the United States. 247Paps.TV / Splash News Police say pop star Ariana Grande likely had no idea about the bizarre, morbid suicide promotion.
Pour la version originale de l'article, voir http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/music/suicide_hoax_was_morbid_marketing_16w3VDt0RY3oczg9biQ2pO

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