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What No-content Marketing Will Look Like

4. Going meta. We go to the meta version of something when the thing in itself has been thoroughly commoditized, for example from data to metadata. About any large organization, high-profile personality or hot topic, there's way, way too much discussion to engage with it piece by piece. So now we have social listening and analysis tools, the point of which is insight about the content, not the content itself. Salesforce's Radian 6 is a leading example, and among the many interesting newcomers is Bottlenose, which I found thanks to a valuable round-up of such filtering tools written by ReadWriteWeb founder Richard McManus. 5. Speaking in pictures. All around the web and social media, you see a move away from text to pictures, as in the the text-on-picture interfaces of Flipboard, The Huffington Post and other online publications, or in infographics as a replacement for text-based articles and white papers. People are messaging in pictures as well. Google's Sergey Brin described an epiphany he had to Nick Bilton of The New York Times' Bits Blog: "Mr.
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Leaders from Unilever, WPP, YouTube, Renren to Speak at 5th Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore

Although certain niches might be successful for some, they wont necessarily be successful for you. You have to really understand that niche. If you dont, youre going to have more success picking something youre comfortable with. 4. You Only Need One Good Affiliate Program to be Successful This is an affiliate marketing myth that companies looking to get involved in affiliate marketing seem to find quite often. Joining just one affiliate program could work, but you have to remember that your customers are going to compare as they shop. You want to work with a few different programs that compliment each other. For example, if youre a dentist you may want to market toothpaste as well as dental services. 5. Consumers Dont Like Affiliate Marketing Sometimes it can seem like affiliate marketing is an extra step and will therefore annoy consumers because they can just go to eBay or Amazon instead.
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Six Myths About Affiliate Marketing

16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)( http://www.mmaglobal.com ) today announced the full speaker line-up and agenda for the upcoming MMA Forum Singapore( http://www.mmaglobal.com/events/forums/singapore2013/overview ). Prominent experts and thought leaders from across the mobile marketing ecosystem will dissect the different components of mobile marketing through in-depth discussions to reveal new ways in which marketers can use mobile to increase engagement and connect with target audiences. To view the multimedia page, please go to: http://en.prnasia.com/pr/2013/08/16/130455712.shtml (Logo: http://www.prnasia.com/sa/2013/08/15/20130815185117111793-l.jpg ) The theme of this year's event is 'Deconstructing Mobile' and will seean eclectic mix of speakers from across the marketing spectrum, discussing how marketers can harness the power of mobile to keep up with the ever changing needs of today's discerning consumer. Rahul Welde, Regional Vice President - Media of Unilever, will kick-start this year's Forum, providing insight into Unilever's approach to marketing, discussing the opportunities presented by the consumers of the future in his session 'Engaging the Next Billion'. In addition, Bessie Lee, Chief Executive Officer of WPP China will shed light on the behaviour of the world's largest mobile population -- China. Alvin Chiang, http://www.annevalensi-conseil.com/les-projets-de-vente-a-domicile.html Chief Marketing Officer of Renren will supplement the understanding of China's mobile marketing landscape using case studies from acclaimed Cannes Lions winners. The second day of the Forum will commence with a video keynote by Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer of WPP, discussing the 'fifth pillar' of the advertising industry. He will be followed by brand marketers such as Leonardo O'Grady of Coca-Cola, Michelle Froah of Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Lito German of BMW Group Asia whose sessions will cover how these corporations, each from a different consumer vertical, use mobile to connect with their audiences. Other newly added speakers will share their insights on a range of issues including: -- Mobile Video Its Time Has Come -- Benjamin Grubbs, Head of Partner Marketing, Asia Pacific, YouTube -- Breaking the Mould -- Graham( http://www.mmaglobal.com/events/forums/singapore2013/speakers#jkanjilal ) Kelly, Regional Executive Creative Director, APAC, Isobar -- Flipboard's Ecosystem and the New Mobile Advertising Age -- Eric Alexander( http://www.mmaglobal.com/events/forums/singapore2013/speakers#ealexander ), Vice President, International, Flipboard -- Killer Insights for Effective Advertising in Mobile Apps -- Anindya Datta( http://www.mmaglobal.com/events/forums/singapore2013/speakers#adatta ), Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Mobilewalla "I am extremely excited about the diverse mix of speakers at this year's Forum, who will be sharing their insights into how marketers can adapt and reinvent their approaches to mobile marketing in line with continuously changing technologies and consumer behaviours," said Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, MMA APAC.
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