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Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Curve: New Trends

vente a domicile Carla Johnson | @CarlaJohnson Scrolling sites (with cool parallax tricks) are here now and I really like them. This example called Every Last Drop , by Nice & Serious, is excellent. Also long-form, wide-screen, content-packed stories like Snowfall by John Branch and the New York Times is stunning. James Carson in the UK did an excellent example called The Ulitmate Guide to Social Scoring . Doug Kessler | @DougKessler The level at which high quality content is being executed today is unparalleled in the fact that technology is being utilized in the delivery of a great user experience. Infographics are being taken to the next level by making the visual content interactive by scrolling different web elements into the view of the user as they pass certain points of time or a position in the infographic. Cinemagraphs, or cinematic GIFs, have started to find their way into online marketing campaigns by presenting what appears to be a static image; however, it really provides a very subtle animation in the photograph that quite often warrants a second look just to make sure your eyes caught what changed in the still image. The use of modern technology pushes the boundaries of what is possible in todays digital marketing environment by creating one-of-a-kind experiences that are truly memorable in the mind of the user, and attracting thought leadership no amount of advertising dollars could ever compare to. Arnie Kuenn | @ArnieK Im seeing way more short animated videos being done, and videos that are designed to convert to lead forms and sales.
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